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The Managing director of the Agency for investment promotion and major projects (APIX), Diène Farba Sarr, is on visit since last Tuesday in Rumania where he leads a mission of investment promotion.

This mission consisted of the special adviser for the Eastern Europe mister Makhtar Dia, of the Administrator of the DISEZ, Mister Mass Thiam, special Councillors of the President of the Republic: mister Ousmane Ba and mister Momar Diagne and of the communication director Mrs Jacqueline Fatima Bocoum, was marked by the signature of a draft agreement to relocate an industrial unit of manufacturing of bags and shoes and the relaunching of the projects of the Group Tender, the Rumanian company specialized in mining and agribusiness.

The persons in charge of Tender besides expressed their will " to endow immediately " Senegal of two medical ambulances, orthopaedic prostheses and a ton of medicine.

The mission led by the new Managing director of the APIX was punctuated " with meetings with a part of the Diaspora based in Bucharest to establish relays and also channel the projects of our fellow countrymen ".

In it are added working sessions and meetings with investors in domains so varied as mining, industry, agribusiness, and health.

Several companies were visited with discussions around projects of investment in Senegal following thematic presentations made by APIX around the exception that is Senegal.

The opportunities of investment exist in Senegal, with its unique profile in Africa with anchor projects as the new integrated special economic zone, which offers a multifunctional platform (ITC, industry, logistics, etc.).

In Bucharest, the Senegalese delegation met " the highest authorities of the country among which those of the Parliament of Rumania who promise to lead an economic mission in Senegal in 2013 ".

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