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  • Eiffage Senegal

    Eiffage Senegal

    First and foremost, we emphasize that the presence of Eiffage, through its subsidiary "SENAC SA, is probably less justified by strategic criteria than by sentimental criteria.

    Indeed, after 80 years of presence in Senegal, our group EIFFAGE SENEGAL felt we had to take up, alongside APIX, the challenge of building the first toll motorway concession in West Africa. That said, a concession project involving heavy financial mechanisms, a well-defined risk allocation between each actor and overall control of the process (involving building the highway but also co-financing it with the Senegalese government and operating it for almost 30 years!) is not an easy task and requires unwavering commitment from all stakeholders.

    Collaboration is often tested but the partnership with APIX is solid and has allowed all stakeholders to play their part: the release of lands and holdings by the state, and the setting up of private financing by the operator.

    This new experience has even led us to create an Economic and Environmental Observatory. This institution, in collaboration with APIX and the main socio-economic actors of the Dakar Peninsula, will be responsible for measuring the impacts of the Highway. The size of the project made it clear such a structure was necessary, even if it was not called for in the contracts we signed. We felt exceeding expectations in this area was in line with the core values of EIFFAGE SENEGAL and completed our actions in this area.

    Once more, the active collaboration and efficient services of APIX have proven themselves to be instrumental in our success.

    Gérard SENAC

    Eiffage Sénégal

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