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1. How can APIX help me invest in Senegal?

  • To improve the business environment
  • To identify domestic and foreign investors
  • To welcome and support investors by helping them with administrative procedures
  • To monitor and evaluate investment projects in Senegal
  • To assist in seeking funding and/or partnership

With the One-Stop Shop, APIX provides better support for investment projects with a world class mode of operation that ensures:

  • The completion of all administrative procedures to create or modify businesses through a single contact person and a single application form.
  • The applicant’s approval under the Investment Code and the Statute of the Free Export Company.
  • The monitoring of approved investment projects

2. Which sectors of the Senegalese economy present the greatest potential?

Senegal’s economy is open to the world. It has considerable assets and presents real investment opportunities. Several areas have been identified as presenting high economic potential. These are:

3. How can I start a business in Senegal?

See page the home page business in Senegal and download the formalities for setting up a business

4. How can I buy land in Senegal?

Investing in Senegal often means purchasing land. Those wishing to do so must bear in mind that ownership or use of land follows complex procedures because of the multiplicity of legal land regimes and the large number of people and institutions involved in the decision making process. Learn more by downloading the property investor’s guide.

5. Which financial institutions are present in Senegal

See here the list of banks and financial institutions

6. Which documents are required to obtain a residence or work permit in Senegal?

The documents required for obtaining a residence permit are:

  • A written or typed request addressed to the Minister of Interior
  • A photocopy of a valid passport and the page bearing the stamp of date of arrival in Senegal
  • A criminal records extract of the country of origin, no older than three (3) months
  • A birth certificate extract
  • A medical certificate of good health, no older than three (3) months
  • A guarantee of repatriation in case of death, which varies with the nationality of the investor (75 000 CFA francs for French nationals) * or an exemption from payment issued by the Minister of Interior.
  • Fiscal stamps worth a total of 15200 francs CFA
  • 3 passport photos
  • Professional references (articles of incorporation, trade register etc..)
  • The authorisation to establish a company entitles the recipient to a foreign identity card

For other nationalities, please contact:
Foreign police / Ministry of Interior
7, Place de l’Independence
Tel: (221) 33 822 38 08

Documents required for a work permit:

  • A criminal record extract
  • A medical certificate of good health
  • A certified photocopy of passport (certification of the photocopy of an original can be done in town halls, gendarmeries and police stations)
  • An employer request addressed to the Minister of Labour

Work permit
To recruit foreign staff, companies are required to submit the employment contracts to the Director of Labour, who has fifteen (15) days to respond. It is understood that potential employees must first have a residence permit.

Documents required for a work permit:

  • 4 copies of the form issued by the Chamber of Commerce
  • The original and one photocopy of the applicant’s passport
  • The original and one copy of the applicant’s Medical Certificate
  • The original and one copy of the applicant’s criminal record (less than 3 months old)
  • A letter addressed to the Director of Labour for approval
  • A copy of the employment contract

The completed application file must be sent to
Directorate of Labour and Social Security
Administrative Building - Dakar
BP 40 07
Tel: (221) 33 823 98 76 - Fax: (221) 33 821 62 87

7. Is there a limit to the profits I repatriate?

No, there is no limit to the repatriation of profits from a business in Senegal.

8. Are there any discrimination between nationals and foreigners in the enjoyment of tax and customs relating to investment?

No. Neither the Investment Code nor the Free Export Company statute discriminate between national and foreign investors. Eligibility for one or other of the statutes entails benefiting from all related tax & customs incentives regardless of nationality.

invest in

invest in



  • Highway to the future Dakar Diamniado toll road

  • Dakar integrated special economic zone


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