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This project aims to provide the Dakar peninsula with a 32 km (20 miles), double 3 lane highway to develop the flow of goods and people between the capital and the new International Airport, the Dakar Integrated Special Economic Zone (DISEZ) as well as the rest of the country and the wider subregion.


4 components:

  • Highway Construction Works with interchanges, bridge, railroad crossings
  • Negotiated Relocation of more than 1,000 families
  • Serviced Resettlement area in Keur Massar for 2,000 families
  • Flood protection urban works for Pikine Sud benefiting 250,000 people.


As part of a national plan to massively upgrade national infrastructure, the government aims to
- 1. ensure the rapid movement of goods and people into and out of Dakar

- 2. connect with AIBD Airport & Special Economic Zone (DISEZ), local traffic for Pikine & Thies. Down-town to airport target transfer time of 30 minutes

- 3. encourage urban and rural development outside congested areas and boost land valuation in other regions of the country

- 4. establish subregional corridors from Dakar to Bamako, Banjul (Gambia), Bissau (Guinea Bissau), Conakry (Guinea Conakry)


Preliminary socio-economic studies for the project have demonstrated economic viability with financials returns on investment of 16% and 18% economic return.
Over 80% of prospective users have declared themselves satisfied with projected toll rates.


The overall budget for the four components of the project, construction, release of land, resettlement site construction and restructuring Pikine, is estimated at 380.2 billion fcfa (€580 M). The state has already disbursed one half (€294M) for Phase 1 Dakar-Pekine, which was completed in 2008. The state is financing the release of land and subsidies for Phase 2 construction from Pikine to Diamniadio

Phase 2 works will be realised by a public-private partnership based on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, the first of its kind and the first of this scale in West Africa.

This public-private partnership was formed with EIFFAGE, who brings 61 billion fcfa (€93 M) to the project on a 30 year concession.

Partners include

  • World Bank €80M - 52.5 billion fcfa
  • French Development Agency €61 M - 40 billion fcfa
  • African Development Bank €50M - 33.2 billion fcfa

The ADB will cofinance Restructuring Pekine, the new settlement site and highway works.

Private investment by EIFFAGE is ventilated as follows:

  • Eiffage Capital: 20.8 billion F CFA (€31.7M)
  • WADB: 15 billion F CFA (€22.9M)
  • ADB: 6, 8 billion CFA francs (€10.4M)
  • CBAO Bank: 5 billion CFA francs(€48.3M)
  • IFC: 13.4 billion F CFA (€20.4M)


Phase 1: Dakar-Pikine

Section 1, Dakar - Patte d’Oie (Goose leg)

7 km (5 mile) of 3 lane dual highway from downtown Dakar, 3 local interchanges and two bridges, one major interchange to the existing International Airport (DKR). Works began in October 2005 and were open for traffic in December 2008.

Section 2, Patte d’Oie - Pikine

4.5 km (3 mile) of 3 lane dual highway through a highly urbanized area with intense industrial and commercial activity, 2 major interchanges (Camberene & Pikine West) and the Dakar Bamako train line crossing in Sevenup .
Works began in December 2006, with first traffic in August 2009. This section was formally ceded December 2010 to Eiffage. The toll road will open August 2011.

Phase 2: Diamniadio - Pikine

This 20.5 km (14 mile) of highway will connect the new airport with National Road One (RN1), feature 5 interchanges (Diamniadio, Rufisque East & West, Keur Massar, Thiaroye) and cross the Dakar Bamako train line twice.

Section 1, Diamniadio - Keur Massar

This 2 lane extendable highway through mostly low population areas is scheduled to open Dec 2012. The Rufisque bypass will open to improve urban mobility.

Section 2:,Keur Massar - Pikine

This dual 3 lane highway will bypass Rufisque, cross Mbao Classified Forest and highly urbanized areas to reach Pikine and Phase 1of the Dakar-Diamniado Highway To The Future.

The Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) agreement between EIFFAGE and the state was signed July 2009 and works began February 2010.


1435 jobs were created in the realisation of these ambitious works, on top of those generated by suppliers and contractors

  • Section 1: 539
  • Section 2: 486
  • Resettlement facilitation campaign: 310
  • Facilitating ngos & nfpos: 100

These jobs have largely been handed to local community actors across the
Dakar suburbs.

Concessionaire EIFFAGE plans to create over 1,000 direct jobs within three years and consolidate the progress made.



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  • Highway to the future Dakar Diamniado toll road

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