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Since 2000, Senegal has been extensively upgrading its key infrastructure. Armed with strong desire to promote private investment, national and foreign, the country has chosen under this new policy to implement infrastructure upgrades in a consistent pattern of public-private partnership.

To promote this mechanism, both at national and local community level, Senegal adopted in 2004 a legal and institutional framework around the provisions of the Build Operate Transfer Law (BOT) , its amendments and the mandate of a Council for Infrastructure.


Procurement, concessions and public-private partnerships
Council of Infrastructure Law

Road Infrastructure

Senegal has a dense and well maintained road network which can ensure the smooth movement of people and goods. A 2009 public-private partnership, unique in Sub Saharan Africa, operating and maintenaning the Dakar - Diamnadio Highway to the Future , has greatly improved mobility in and around the capital and traffic between the capital and the rest of the country.

Regional roads are also being build and renovated to facilitate the movement of people and goods within the country and the wider subregion, another government priority.


Dakar - Diamniadio Highway to the Future
Ageroute website
Ministry for International Cooperation, Air Transport, Infrastructure and Energy

Airport infrastructure

Senegal boasts three international airports: Dakar, Saint Louis and Ziguinchor. To cope with growing passenger and freight traffic and provide world class services in a modern and functional setting, the new Blaise Diagne International Airport located in Diass will open soon.

Senegal is served by most major airlines with direct flights to the capitals of the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as to the rest of Africa. The national carrier Senegal Airlines offers regular flights to many destinations.


Blaise Diagne International Airport
Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport
Senegal Airlines

Port infrastructure

Dakar is exceptionally well situated: 6 days from Europe and 7 days from America by sea. The Port Autonome de Dakar (PAD) provides ideal well-protected deep water berths. All type of goods (bulk, dry and refrigerated containers, oil, petrol) can be stored for both import and export.

World class services are provided, include a dry dock for repairs, at competitive prices. A major modernization program is under way revolving around Dubai Port World’s (DPW) management of the Container Terminal. This program involves significant investments to improve logistics activities for the benefits of all economic actors. The construction of the Port of the Future, aiming to increase the capacity of the Port Autonome de Dakar (PAD) is another aspect of the partnership between PAD & DPW.


Port Autonome de Dakar
Dubai Port World

Communications infrastructure

The undisputed leader in West Africa, Senegal has a fully digitized network of efficient telecommunication with more than 2200 km of fiber optic wiring. It is linked to Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East through permanent cable connections. Internet and telephone services penetration levels are high both in companies and amongst the general public.

Interestingly, pricing of telephone services and Internet access is particularly attractive and the latest available technologies are offered by providers anxious to provide the best quality services. Liberalization of the telecommunications sector has indeed led to healthy competition in basic services and an increase in specialized services.


Investment opportunities in ICT and teleservices in Senegal
Information systems, network and information highways observatory (OSIRIS)
Telecommunication and Postal services regulation Agency

Railway Infrastructure

The existing 1060 km railway provides great potential for the transport of goods and raw materials, especially on the Dakar-Bamako (Mali) line, which gives access to the wider West African subregion. The successful integration of the rail network with port facilities promotes intermodal transportation.

Large Infrastructure Projects in Senegal

Current ProjectsFuture Projects
Highway of the Future Business City
Blaise Diagne International Airport Standard Gauge Railway
Dakar Integrated Special Economic Zone Nouvelle Ville

Cultural Infrastructure

Senegal has reaffirmed its commitment to culture as an integral part of its economic and social development. To promote this cultural heritage, a unique architectural program is being implemented: The 7 wonders of Dakar, the flagship of which, the Grand National Theatre, was opened in April 2011.

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  • Highway to the future Dakar Diamniado toll road

  • Dakar integrated special economic zone


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