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Trade relations are facilitated by preferential access to regional and international markets. Because of its unique location, Senegal enjoys an incomparable proximity to several major markets. The country is also a member of a number of regional institutions facilitating movement of people and goods.

Strategic geographical proximity

Apix carte miniatureFlights link the capital Dakar to Europe in 6 hours and the US in 7 hours. Dakar is also at the crossroads of several shipping lines and has a real comparative advantage in ocean freight, being 6 days away from Europe and 7 from the US by ship.

Facing Cape Verde Island and bordering Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea Bissau, Senegal is the natural gateway to all these countries. Subregional access to Mali & Burkina Faso is particularly facilitated by the presence of Senegal Warehouses in Mali (ENSEM, in Bamako).

Modern ports and airports as well as skilled operators provide quality logistics services and multimodal direct access to rail and road.

Preferential access to Western markets

Senegal enjoys preferential access to European markets through ACP-EU agreements and to the U.S. through AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act). These measures provide consumer goods exports to these countries duty free or at reduced rates with no quota.

Regionally integrated

Senegal is a member of and provides access to the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) of eight countries, a market of 70 million consumers, and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a market of 200 million consumers.

Aiming to establish investors’ trust as well as a legal and judicial framework to attract large FDI flows, Senegal has also joined:
The Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law

The WAEMU Accounting System (SYSCOA), a new general accounting plan ensuring greater audit effectiveness to provide shareholders and other interested parties with reliable and transparent financial statements.

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  • Highway to the future Dakar Diamniado toll road

  • Dakar integrated special economic zone


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