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Education in Senegal has long been a priority with a major concern being universal access to quality schooling to create and sustain the pool of skills required by a growing and diversifying economy.

The wide range of education choices

Long convinced that educating and training men and women creates invaluable wealth for the country, Senegal spends over a third of its national budget on education. The country has many primary, secondary and higher education institutions, public and private. Education is mostly in French but also in Arabic or English.

Prestigious universities and foreign schools offer high quality initial and ongoing training, locally or abroad through partnerships with foreign institutions. The curricula match the high-level needs of all sectors, and are particularly strong in agribusiness and services. Distance education is also experiencing significant growth.

A pool of talent

Senegal draws on a large pool of national managers and senior experts trained locally or abroad (notably in the European Union and North America). The wide range of technical and vocational courses facilitates the recruitment of quickly operational human resources.

Proficiency in the most common foreign languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian) in addition to French facilitates exchanges with business partners around the world. Moreover, widespread Internet access means a large number of people are familiar with ICT.

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  • Highway to the future Dakar Diamniado toll road

  • Dakar integrated special economic zone


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