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"By working with us you will add your skills to those of a group of dynamic, efficient and performance driven Apixiens aware of the national and international stakes involved."
Aminata Niane, CEO APIX SA

Recruiting Talent

Joining APIX means choosing to be part of an exciting adventure in the field of major projects and investment promotion. The desired excellence and quality are visible in our recruitment process in which the perpetual quest for top talent is the first priority.

Sharing values

APIX places its staff at the heart of its ambitions because they are APIX’s strength. APIX, to carry out its mission, relies heavily on the competence, heightened awareness of and commitment to their objectives. These values are expressed on a daily basis, whether with investors or with institutions, and express our identity: professionalism, modern, and result driven.

Ongoing Training

APIX policy is to invest in relevant training courses so that staff acquire and maintain the combination of skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the highest level of performance in fulfilling its mission and its objectives.

Managing Careers

An annual evaluation allows each employee to review the past year and, with their manager, set objectives for the coming year. This is also an opportunity to express training needs and career development goals within APIX.

Each application is reviewed and will receive a personal reply. Confidentiality is ensured throughout the recruitment process.


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  • Highway to the future Dakar Diamniado toll road

  • Dakar integrated special economic zone


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