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The Senegal offers an environment conducive to development of activities related to ICT. The country is resolutely inscribed in the era of the economy digital with a strong desire of State that has implemented a policy of growth and modernization of its administration based on ICT with significant investments in terms of capacity and modernization.

Today, Senegal o ffer companies an uninterrupted connection to the world thanks to the most efficient connectivity ( network 100% scan high speed across the territory offering a range of products varied : ADSL, Frame Relay , ISDN, VSAT etc.) and a network of telecommunications scans 100% with a loop of about 6 000 kilometers of optical fiber and an international available bandwidth of 25.7 GB / s (2017).

The Senegal positions itself increasingly as a leader in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of ICT and Téle services. Just like many countries in development such as India, Morocco, Mauritius and Tunisia, Senegal has been actively launched several years , in promoting ICT and Téle services .

Located 5 hours from Europe, Senegal is an opening country. Its stability policy, combined with various reforms structural undertaken by the authorities public, have enabled Senegal to get a prime spot on the march international outsourcing of IT services.

The Senegal is resolutely inscribed in the era of the economy digital . The state has implemented a policy of growth and modernization of its ICT – based administration and has made significant investments to modernize telecommunications infrastructure . Today, Senegal o re businesses an uninterrupted connection to the world thanks to the most effective connectivity ( cable submarine optical fiber, ADSL connection leased international, etc.).

Encrypted data :

  • Annual growth sector:> 20% ( driven by mobile telephony and service offerings)
  • Network 100% scan high speed across the territory offering a range of products varied ( ADSL, Frame Relay, ISDN, VSAT etc.)
  • Africa Coast to Europe (ACE), a 17,000- kilometer long submarine cable serving West Africa and belonging to a consortium of 20 operators including Sonatel- Orange: initial capacity of 200Gbit / s on the segment 1 and 160Gbit / s on segments 2 & 3, with a maximum capacity of 5.12 terabits /
  • Atlantis 2: 20 Gbit / s, connecting Portugal, Spain, Senegal , Cape Verde, Brazil and Argentina
  • SAT-3 / WASC / SAFE: 120 Gbit / s, connecting Europe, Africa and Asia
  • GLO-1 (Globacom-1), a 9,800 km long submarine cable along the West African coast linking Great Britain to Nigeria with a maximum capacity of 2.5 terabits / s
  • International bandwidth at 25.7 Gb / s (2017)
  • Satellite Communications Center Pointing Intelsat 355.5 ° Satellite
  • Hub offering VSAT services pointing to Intelsat’s 328.5 ° satellite
  • Network of telecommunications scans 100% with a loop 3000 kilometers of optical fiber through the country
  • National IP network and dedicated links from 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps
  • Generalization of 2.5 Gb systems on all routes since 2007
  • Top speed in all capitals departmental (ADSL) since 2008
  • 100% coverage by GSM and CDMA
  • Presence of 3 operators telecom major on the march



The close geographical , language French share the quality and competitiveness of the workforce, all of which characterize the Senegal are all levers conducive to the development of high value services added based on ICT. In addition to the high level of technology development , the availability , at competitive costs , of a qualified workforce makes Senegal a preferred destination for outsourcing customer relationships and value- added IT services .

The competitive advantages of Senegal in the ICT and Teleservices segment are as follows:

  • a fair competition to the benefit of users of networks and services, telecommunications guarantees by the Agency for Regulation of Telecommunications & Post (ARTP);
  • a legislative and regulatory framework secures .
  • the linguistic tradition for Francophone principals;
  • of infrastructure telecommunications senior;
  • a close geographical and cultural cooperation with Western customers, especially those in the running European ;
  • the quality and competitiveness of the workforce;
  • a potential development IT services to value added ( engineering software, Integration of Systems IT, Application Management, Development of Mobile Applications etc.).



The Senegal became the last ten years a destination for outsourcing customer relationship and value to IT service added . It enjoys a growing international reputation and is one of the top destinations for this type of service.

The evolution of the market ICT Senegal is strongly marked by a convergence of mobile and Internet services to the growing demand for mobile broadband services and the placing on the market of new mobile devices and the development of applications and mobile services.

The march of ICT and Téle services in Senegal is becoming more competitive on each segment, whether the services with or without voice or mobile communications third generation .

Various mobile applications are being developed to improve service delivery in several sectors (agriculture, health, education , finance, employment, governance and transportation). In agriculture, for example, a tool moving, means ” Magri ” said Summer developed in Senegal to help strengthen the effectiveness of chains agricultural value.

In addition, in electronic banking or mobile banking services , interactive solutions available on a mobile phone and which allow the customer to access banking services. Innovative services like mobibank and mobile money transfers have been booming in Senegal for several years , making banking accessible to all, as evidenced by the success of mobile banking and mobile banking. mobile payments

Of application platforms provide services through mobile applications o re also their services to individuals and businesses in several areas including:

  • Financial solutions through electronic money transfer and payment ;
  • Micro-business solutions for health micro-insurance and ensuring the management integrated of networks of distribution.Différentes opportunities sectoral exist in the sector in Senegal including:
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or outsourcing of a company’s business processes (customer relationship, remote data processing, data processing, etc.);
  • The Engineering Computing (Third Party Application Maintenance, Integration of systems, development of application -specific , mobile banking etc.)
  • The Contact Center ( Telemarketing , Hotline, Remote Technical Support etc.);
  • The Digital Technology Park (PTN): Landscaping , on a 25 hectare closed site in the Diamniadio Urban Pole , the first and very large regional platform for the promotion of innovation and the development of digital services , creator of jobs;
  • Clusters of activities Digital ( Digipôles ) throughout the national territory, with a phase pilotedans the Universities of Dakar, Thies , St. Louis, Bambey and Ziguinchor.