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Emigration generates large monetary, human and material flows and the diaspora contributes substantially to the economic and social development of the countries of origin and host countries. Senegalese diaspora contribute greatly to the development of Senegal through their financial transfers and transfers of skills. In 2014, remittances to Senegal were estimated at about CFAF 876.8 billion, or 11.6% of the Gross Domestic Product ; their investment and growth potential is therefore considerable. In 2015, they stood at 956.9 billion FCFA, an increase of 9%. These transfers of funds are consumed for the most part and some is invested. 

Thus, in a context of implementation of the PES, it is a matter of improving the promotion of the investment of Senegalese abroad in order to make the Diaspora a real actor of economic emergence. Emerging models of social success emphasize the profile of migrant investors in their home environment, hence the importance of supporting the investment of Senegalese from abroad in growth sectors at the level of the territorial divisions.

The challenge of adequately informing Senegalese citizens of the diaspora about the investor services offered by APIX-SA and investment opportunities remains a major concern of the National Authorities. It is in this context that the President of the Republic has given instructions for the creation of a one-stop shop specifically dedicated to the Diaspora at the level of APIX- SA.

Thus, for a better follow-up of Senegalese projects in the diaspora, the single window will be the relay of Investment Platforms (PLI) set up in each area. At the same time, it will be linked to open windows for the investment of Senegalese from abroad (SE) in host countries.

Convinced that a synergy of actions of the different partners would contribute effectively to facilitate the investments of Senegalese abroad, it is first of all a question of setting the objectives of the single diaspora one-stop shop with the various missions, then presenting the organization with a physical counter and a virtual counter.

I. Physical Single Window Diaspora (Seat APIX-SA)

The ultimate objective is to promote the investment policies, programs and mechanisms implemented in Senegal so as to enable Senegalese in the diaspora to play their full role in the overall and sustainable development of the country. and to occupy the position of partner that belongs to them in the process of transformation of the national economy. In other words, it is to facilitate the investment of Senegalese diaspora through assistance and advice in the creation of businesses, the code of investments, access to finance and land

II. ” Espace Diaspora ” Virtual Single Window (APIX website)  

A virtual one-stop shop will be housed in the APIX-SA website and will, on the one hand, interact and respond quickly to the problems encountered by the diaspora, and on the other hand, disseminate, on a continuous basis, useful information to facilitate the decision to invest. In addition, an application will be downloadable on play store and apple store to allow quick access to the services offered by the Diaspora window activated by the registration number online. After registration, the system returns a unique number that will allow the applicant to benefit from online services. Internet users / applicants will be able to access specific and reliable information that addresses their concerns.  

  • They will have access to the sector files of the different sectors in several languages ​​(national languages ​​…) ; 
  • They will be able to download the Single Window and BCE documents for investors, statistics from the Partner Administrations.

III. Eligibility criteria 

Senegalese expatriates wishing to invest in Senegal must fulfill criteria to benefit from the services of the diaspora window. It’s about :

  • To be Senegalese from the outside : presentation of the consular card, the residence permit or any other document proving the stay abroad for at least one year;  
  •  For Senegalese residing abroad and returning home : to be back for a year or more ;  
  • The location of the project in the different regions of Senegal