APIX, your privileged contact in Senegal

  • Our Missions

    • Accompany foreign and national investors in Senegal ;
    • Promote the economic image and attractiveness of Senegal as a destination;
    • Participate in the national effort to upgrade infrastructure;
    • Provide services to investors;
    • Reform the business environment;
    • Co-construct the administration of tomorrow;
    • Accompany the State in the process of formalising memorandums of understanding.

  • Our values

    • Rigour ;
    • Efficiency ;
    • Confidentiality

    Chart the way

    Ensure the permanent secretariat of the CPI and steer the reform programme

    APIX-S.A. ensures the development of an attractive business and investment framework for a better structured private sector and competitive companies for the implementation of the PREAC (Programme for the Reform of the Business and Environment Environment and Competitiveness). A good number of reforms have thus been implemented:

    correcte du PREAC (Programme de Réformes de l’Environnement des Affaires et de la

    Compétitivité).Un bon nombre de réformes ont ainsi été mises en oeuvre:

    • the simplification of texts and procedures related to investment and trade;
    • Simplification of pricing systems and scales (reduction of factor costs);
    • harmonisation of the legal and fiscal framework for business;
    • promotion of high-impact investment and competitive areas.


    Upgrading Infrastructures

    APIX-S.A. has positioned itself as a catalyst structure in the development of structuring infrastructures, with a view to guaranteeing the profitability of any productive investment in Senegal. It is thus responsible for the preparation, coordination and monitoring of the implementation of major State projects.

    The Dakar - Diamniadio - AIBD toll motorway is the most advanced and innovative project according to the World Bank, which awarded it the 2009 Innovation Prize. Resulting from a public-private partnership, the Toll Motorway has mobilised a global budget estimated at CFAF 380 billion, of which CFAF 148.4 billion for the construction of the motorway and CFAF 231.8 billion for the other components. A project that has proved the full extent of Apix expertise in the coordination of infrastructure projects, social communication, the displacement of impacted populations and the handling of environmental components.

    Regional Express Train (TER) Dakar - Diamniadio - AIBD On the strength of its expertise in Major Works, APIX-S.A. has been chosen to act as delegated project manager for the largest project since independent Senegal: the Regional Express Train project. The TER is part of a vast national programme to improve and modernise transport infrastructure.  En effet, le TER s’inscrit dans le cadre d’un vaste programme national d’amélioration et de modernisation des infrastructures de transport.

    The Saly Beach Protection, Restoration and Maintenance Project as part of the fight against coastal erosion. Financed by the World Bank to the tune of 43 million dollars, this project aims to protect investments in Saly and to revive the flagship of the Senegalese tourism sector, notably seaside tourism.

    Les The Integrated Special Economic Zones are the concrete expression of APIX-S.A.'s constant support to investors, as they enable them to carry out their economic activities in an incentive, efficient, modern environment that meets the best international standards. Indeed, by law 2007-13, APIX-S.A. is the exclusive administrator of all the special status zones in Senegal.

  • Our professions :
    Investment promotion

    • Active prospecting of private investors ;
    • Support and personalised supervision, facilitation of the process in the field;
    Design of promotional supports and tools for investment decision support;
    • Active promotion of sectoral investment opportunities in Senegal; Marketing intelligence and monitoring.

    Investment platform

    • Improve the supply of services in the regions and build a facilitation framework to develop VHV channels and priority sectors;
    • To provide a specific response to the needs of the local private sector in a developed and innovative framework: with strategic partners such as the Tourist Office in Saint Louis;
    • To build viable ecosystems in order to create a competitive offer for a territorial marketing of the regional poles;
    • for the articulation of investment projects of the Diaspora to the local areas: Diaspora Pact

    Single window

    • Single window for approvals ;
    • Business Creation Support Office ;
    • Centre for the Facilitation of Administrative Procedures.

    Major achievements

    • Design of Blaise Diagne International Airport;
    • Restructuring of Pikine Irrégulier Sud;
    • Assistance to the DGPU for the release of the Diamniadio Urban Pole rights of way;
    • Support for the release of the rights of way of the Sendou mineral port;
    • Strengthening Senegal's energy capacities;
    • Contracting authority for the Abdou Diouf International Conference Centre in Diamniadio;
    • Contracting authority for the Integrated Special Economic Zone of Dakar;
    • Contracting authority for the West African Business City;
    • Delegated project management of the Dakar Regional Express Train Project - AIBD;
    • Delegated project management for the renovation works on the beaches of Saly;
    • Delegated contracting authority for the Dakar-Diamniadio Toll Motorway - AIBD.

    Business environment

    • Permanent Secretary of the Presidential Investment Council (CPI) ;
    • Formulation of business environment reforms ;
    • Participation in the formulation of public policy documents;
    • Leads the implementation of business environment reforms.

  • Tailor-made coaching
    Mastery of the fiscal, legislative and regulatory framework

    • Our experts identify the tax, legal and regulatory obligations related to investment projects.

    The right documentation in 48 hours

    • A service dedicated to investor documentation is accessible by e-mail, telephone or directly at APIX without appointment. Within 48 hours at the latest after the request, you will receive the desired information of an economic, financial, technical or commercial nature.

    Information on the best business opportunities

    • On a daily basis, sector market managers, assisted in their mission by experts, conduct strategic and comprehensive studies on promising sectors. They provide detailed information and in-depth analyses to help make investment decisions.

    Personalised monitoring of your project

    • APIX-S.A. facilitates the search for premises and land for the establishment of investors and supports them in the administrative procedures related to the investment with the relevant departments. Dedicated agents also facilitate contacts with the relevant local private sector and the relevant administrative services.

    Assistance in the construction of works

    • A civil engineering expert provides assistance and advice on all aspects related to the construction and implementation of infrastructure and works in the context of an investment. He also examines the lists of materials including construction materials in the context of applications for customs exemption for these materials.

    Assistance for the release of rights of way

    • APIX-S.A. has developed a unique expertise in the field of right-of-way release for often complex projects. Thus, a team of experts guarantees a right-of-way release meeting national and international requirements in the social, urban planning or environmental fields, within predefined deadlines.

    Decentralised services

    • In order to be closer to investors and provide them with closer support, regional offices are established in the major regions of Senegal. They assist investment projects locally and speed up the related administrative formalities.