Housed in the Direction of Investments, the One-Stop-Shop's mission is to inform, advise and assist investors with a view to making available the incentive schemes in force, intended for the eligible sectors.

A personalized assistance is offered to companies at each stage of the process of approval of the investment programs which successively crosses the following stages: the preparation of the files, the reception, the instruction and the validation in an approval committee and the validation.

To do this, the One-stop shop works in close collaboration with the cabinet of the Minister of Finance and Budget, who signs off on the projects’s approval of carried by investors in Senegal and thus ensures the technical supervision of the One-stop shop.

The derogation schemes administered by the One-stop shop are:

  • The Investment Code
  • The Free Export Company status of the

Respectively governed by Law No. 2004-06 of 6 February 2004 on the Investment Code and Law No. 95-34 of 29 December 1995 establishing the status of the Export Processing Company, amended by Law 2004-11 amending Article 1 of Law 95-34 of 29 December 1995 on the status of the Export Processing Company. These measures have been reinforced since 2013 by the new General Tax Code, taking the form of a common law incentive.

They are aimed at national and foreign investors and offer them, according to the sectors of activity and the investment floors and zones of intervention, social and customs tax benefits.

Sectors eligible for the Investment Code:

For a cap of 15 million CFA francs (23,000 euros)

  • Agriculture: fishing, livestock, processing and storage activities;
  • Social sectors: health education;
  • Services: maintenance of industrial equipment and remote services;
  • For a minimum of 100 million CFA francs (150,000 euros)
  • Manufacturing production and processing activities ;
  • Extraction or transformation of mineral substances;
  • Tourism: Cultural industry;
  • Construction of port, airport and railway infrastructures;
  • Construction of commercial complexes: industrial parks, tourist zones, cyber villages and craft centres.

The Statute is granted to industrial and tele-service agricultural enterprises that export at least 80% of their production.

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