Located on the west coast of Africa, between 12° 88 and 16°41 north latitude and 11°21 and 17°32 west longitude, Senegal's location at the western end of the African continent in its most advanced part in the Atlantic Ocean, gives it a position as a hub linking Africa to the rest of the world. Hailed as the simplest and fastest gateway to West Africa, it opens access to a common market of 300 million consumers.

Le Sénégal sert également de passerelle importante vers les principaux marchés d’exportation en Europe, en Asie et dans les Amériques. Les indicateurs économiques sont en constante amélioration depuis plusieurs années.

Area : 196,722 km2

Capital : Dakar

Population : 15 million inhabitants

  • Unique

Democracy, multiparty system, solid institutions, recognition of political and social rights, freedom of expression: Senegal is a model in West Africa - a stable country cited as an example worldwide and with a moderate level of risk according to Credit Risk International (CRI). The country has a long tradition of peace and democracy. This peaceful climate has helped to create a business environment conducive to investment and increased FDI flows .

  • At the crossroads of West Africa, Senegal is a country with multiple influences, reconciling modernity and respect for traditions. A place of exchanges where any investor, without distinction of origin, is free to settle, prosper and repatriate capital.
  • Senegal is a country with a liberal economy where the private sector is fully supported by the authorities. The vast privatisation programme, free competition, simplification of the regulatory and legal framework and the dynamism of the investment promotion system promote a healthy business climate.
  • An influential player in Africa, Senegal is a signatory to international conventions on environmental protection, human rights, trade, copyright, labour law, etc. It stands out for its leadership in taking major decisions in favour of Africa.