The hospitality of the population is legendary. The epithet of "Teranga" country covers this very Senegalese virtue. The "World Economic Forum" has ranked Senegal 6th most welcoming country in the world, according to tourists.

Senegal is a country with pleasant living conditions. Its mild and sunny climate is cooled by the 700km of beaches which offer its residents and visitors a varied choice of leisure activities. Modern residential areas with luxury housing, shopping centres with famous international brands, gastronomic restaurants and foreign schools (French, American) contribute to the creation of a range of upscale amenities adapted to expatriates.

Authenticity and innovation give a unique cachet to the Senegalese artistic programme. The cultural scene is extremely vibrant, animated by world-famous artists with eclectic styles. The film industry is at its peak with the international consecration of Senegalese talent.

  • Welcoming

Senegal is a country where hospitality is a true national motto. The population is young, dynamic and tolerant. The climate is pleasant and the sun shines all year round. The country offers an ideal living environment to fulfil yourself, work and do good business.

  • Reassuring

A haven of peace, Senegal offers a safe and soothing environment. The country has well-equipped hospitals and health centres. In Dakar and the larger cities, modern private polyclinics offer specialised care of international quality, including medical evacuation services.

  • Pratical

The formalities of the stay are simple for both visitors and residents. Whether you choose to stay in a hotel, a residence or a dream villa, the range of quality accommodation on offer is many and varied. For the schooling of children, the public school offers quality educational opportunities, in French and English, from pre-school to higher education.

  • User-friendly

Senegal offers a living environment where tradition and modernity meet. A large network of banks offers automated services and instant bank transfers throughout the country. Shopping centres, supermarkets, bookshops, casinos and excellent restaurants enhance everyday life.

  • Stimulating

Sport, leisure and culture occupy an important place in Senegalese society. Sport fishing, diving, sailing, go-karting and golf are among the popular activities. The cultural life is rich and offers amateurs of local and international productions of high level. Seaside cottages, nature reserves and thalassotherapy centres invite you to relax and enjoy a change of scenery.