Senegal is a real land of investment, it benefits from a finalised set of activities and actions within the framework of its promotion policy. Offering a set of infrastructure and services likely to provide investors with the best conditions for carrying out their activities is one of APIX-S.A.'s main missions. This is why it is vital to embark on priority projects for a better implementation of the strategic orientations of the Emerging Senegal Plan. As a result, several projects have been listed, including :

  • The Special Economic Zones
  • Electricity/loop of the Ferlo (Matam2-Linguère-Touba)
  • Eastern Senegal Iron Mines Company (MIFERSO)
  • Construction of desalination plants
  • The Joal-Finio design
  • The development of Pointe Saréne and Mbodiéne
  • The social housing programme
  • The City of Knowledge
  • The construction of University Residences
  • Rehabilitation of regional aerodromes
  • The establishment of the network of Higher Institutes
  • The Digital Technology Park
  • The Digipôle digital business clusters