Special Economic Zones

The Special Economic Zones are servuced areas dedicated to hosting economic activities designed to offer a range of infrastructure and services that ensure the best conditions for companies to carry out their activities.

The SEZ governance framework

As specified in Decree No. 2017-534 establishing and setting the rules for the organisation and operation of the Joint Public-Private Committee, the governance framework adopted for the administration of Senegal's Special Economic Zones is made up of the following entities:

  • Ministry in charge of Investment Promotion,responsible for the strategic orientations and the implementation of the SEZ development policy;
  • The joint public-private committee in charge of control, regulation, mediation and conciliation between all the players in the SEZs;
  • The SEZ Administrator in charge of the administration and management of the Special Economic Zones of Senegal ;
  • Promoters/developers responsible for promotion, development, planning and operation in SEZs ;
  • SEZ companies, which are the economic entities that have received an approval issued by the SEZ Administrator, to carry out any economic activity, especially industrial activity.
The incentive scheme applicable in SEZs

Businesses including SEZ promoters/developers can benefit from an incentive package that entitles them to tax and customs exemptions. As provided for in law n° 2017-07 of January 6, 2017 on incentives applicable in the SEZs and the decree n° 2017-1174 implementing the law n° 2017-07 of January 6, 2017, exempted companies will benefit in particular from the following:

  • the right of admission free of all duties and taxes levied at the customs cordon with the exception of Community levies on raw materials, equipment, other goods and the right to export the same goods free of duty outside the national territory;
  • exemption from the payment of any income tax;
  • a 1a 15% tax rate on corporate income tax;
  • the possibility of concluding fixed-term contracts for a period of five (05) years;
  • exemption from the flat-rate contribution payable by the employer or any other tax based on salaries paid by companies and borne by them;
  • an exemption from the flat-rate minimum tax on companies.
Over a renewable period of 25 years


Investment opportunities in SEZs

The main vocations of the SEZs are in the following sectors of activity:

  • agribusiness
  • industry
  • Digital Emconomy
  • tourism
  • the provision of medical services
  • services
Services provided by the Administrator in SEZs

The Administrator is responsible for ensuring that each promoter/developer has the technical inpjut factor costs available, in particular: road connectivity, water, electricity, sewerage & IT networks. In addition, the Administrator will ensure the establishment of a one-stop shop / service centre at the level of each SEZ for, inter alia, the following:

Single Window / SEZ

  • registration of SEZ companies
  • drawing up declarations relating to the activities of companies
  • issuing of various approvals, certificates and visas related to the activities of companies





    Decree of creation : decree n° 2017-932 of 09 May 2017 creating the Integrated Special Economic Zone of Diass ;
    Location: 45 km from Dakar (adjacent to the Dakar Blaise Diagne Airport in Diass);
    Surface area (site 1): 718 ha ;
    Connectivity: Access via toll motorway and National Road 1 (Dakar - M'bour).
    Eligible Activities

    ICT and Digital Economy
    Port activities
    Offers of medical services
    Specific eligibility criteria

    Dedicate 60% of turnover to exports
    Minimum investment of FCFA 100 million
    150 direct jobs during the first year of operation




    Creation decree: Decree no. 2017-1110 of 30 May 2017 admitting the Diamniadio Integrated Industrial Park to the SEZ regime.
    Location: 30 km from Dakar
    Surface area : 53 ha
    Connectivity: access via the toll motorway and National Road 1.
    Eligible Activities

    Assembly and packaging
    Building materials
    ICT and Digital Economy
    Electricity and electronics
    Related services
    Specific eligibility criteria

    Dedicate 50% of turnover to exports
    Minimum investment of FCFA 100 million
    5 direct jobs per 100 m² of industrial building occupied during the first year of operation




    Decree of creation: Decree no. 2017-2189 of 22 November 2017 admitting the Sandiara Industrial Zone to the SEZ regime.
    Location: 110 km from Dakar
    Area: 100 ha
    Connectivity: access via National Road 1 (M'bour - Kaolack)
    Eligible Activities

    ICT and Digital Economy
    Tanning industry
    Specific eligibility criteria

    50% of turnover from export or import-substitution, during the first 3 years
    5 direct jobs per 100 m² of production area in the first 3 years
    At least 10 of the 1,500 students at the Sandiara Technical Vocational High School, as part of their training