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The business environment of the Directorate housed in APIX SA since 2002 implements the strategies and measures concrete designed to improve the investment climate in Senegal in general and make life easier for businesses that settled there in particular. This Directorate provides the permanent secretariat of the CPI ( Presidential Council for Investment), body created by the President of the Republic in order to establish a privileged frameworkPublic-private dialogue to identify barriers to development of private investment and constraints on the competitiveness of Senegal . Since the beginning of the decade previous , DEA has therefore initiated, supervised and communicated over a hundred reforms crucial for the future of our young nation, improving of how substantial corporate life in Senegal and as a result , our position in major international rankings like Doing Business.

Reduction of delays connecting companies and 10% decline in the price of electric generating Deleting the minimum capital requirement for the creation of an LLC 
Launch procedures lines: 
Teledac for building permits and E-TAX for the payment of taxes Recasting of the Labor Code

Creation of commercial courts dealing diligently with commercial disputes

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